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Sam's a true professional and the best in the industry. He's passionate for perfection, and a driven overachiever, who always over-delivers, with a skill level I've never seen before. I'm honored to call him my friend. —DEAN DIMITRIESKI, AUTHOR OF THE #1 BEST-SELLER TEARS FOR MY CITY

Sam helped me achieve a writing goal that I failed to accomplish on my own after three years of trying. I had written 30,000 words for my book, but had no chapters, no structure, just a hodgepodge of thoughts. I needed a writing coach who could hold me accountable for achieving my book goal, but also help me bring structure and readability to it. Sam delivered for me in a big way. He became both my writing coach and my accountability coach. He is equally and highly-skilled in both roles. I will continue to use Sam as my writing and accountability coach!  —JOHN HUGHES, AUTHOR OF UNSELLING AND HAUNTING THE CEO

I am extremely grateful to Sam for improving my children's book, making it more complete and insightful. Not only did Sam refine and enhance my story, but he also gave me the confidence to publish it. Highly recommended!


Sam's ability to draw out my style and voice, as a writer, was priceless to me. I gained confidence knowing Sam would tell me what I needed to hear to grow. Sam's an artist, and the small nuggets he made into my work everyday made a massive difference.  —JEFF KNIGHT, AUTHOR OF THE #1 CHRISTIAN BEST-SELLER THE REVVED LIFE.

It would be difficult to overstate the positive impact Sam Severn has had on my writing. He is an experienced and skillful story doctor who has also been a much-needed source of validation and encouragement. Both in the role of “Good Cop” and “Bad Cop,” Sam Severn has been a super-charged rocket booster to my progression as a writer. He's taught me a TON about harnessing the universal principles of Story, always with unflinching respect and reverence for the unique, personal story I'm attempting to tell...Bottom line: If you're serious about improving your writing, you should work with Sam Severn!  —DAVID WALKER, AUTHOR OF THE AMAZON #2 BEST-SELLING SHORT STORY WET WORK

Sam Severn has changed my life through his services. I've learned so much from him and loved how he was able to help me with putting my thoughts on paper. His professionalism and great attitude through the process was priceless. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants positive results.


My experience with Sam Severn has been nothing short of exceptional! After writing a heartfelt children’s book for my daughter that applies to her adoption story, I had difficulty finding the right editor. I sent my manuscript to other editors, who summed up the text with words such as “cute” and “adorable.” While this is absolutely true, the text means much more to my family. Sam immediately recognized and connected with the deeper purpose of the book, which is love and acceptance for both adopted children and birth families. He has a special gift for preserving the heart of a manuscript throughout the editing process. He is extremely encouraging and supportive of novice writers, and has been a tremendous resource as I navigate the editing and publishing process. I am so thankful for Sam’s collaboration!


Working with Sam was an absolute pleasure. While he is professional and extremely organized, his sense of compassion and passion for what I, as a writer, was trying to express was evident the first time I spoke with him. From his first draft it was also evident he was a gifted writer and storyteller; however, Sam's patience, willingness to listen and willingness to make it a collaborative effort resulted in the story I had envisioned telling for so long becoming reality. Bottom line is: I’ve worked with a lot of writers and Sam is, by far, the best and easiest to work with. 


Sam Severn is an exceptional writing talent. He’s worked with me on nearly 20 projects, including feature screenplays, short scripts, musicals and a book rewrite. He has the remarkable ability to size up a project—be it drama, comedy, horror, fantasy or any genre—and pinpoint where it might fail and why, and then offer insightful and creative alternatives. Or, he can simply work a project to the letter, as requested—he’s that flexible and adept. He knows how to breathe life into characters and how to tap into reader’s emotions. With full command of the craft, he’s able to express his ideas clearly and effectively in any circumstance. His passion shines through in every project that he tackles. Sam has been an invaluable asset to my creative life, and I highly recommend him without reservation.        


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